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Fees and Terms

Transparency on costs is not only a professional requirement, but is courteous and takes away one more potential source of anxiety when seeking medical help. It is also particularly important at a time when increasing numbers of patients are paying directly for private medical care, and insurance policies may not always cover costs in full, resulting in shortfalls or excess payments.

The fees and charges shown here are examples for some of the most common procedures and - apart from my consultation fees - are indicative only. An accurate estimate will be provided before treatment.

You will need to agree to my Terms, which are available here. These Terms provide full details of the information summarised on this page, as well as important information which I am required to give you by law. They include my Privacy Notice, which sets out how I will collect and use your personal data. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


For most outpatient appointments there are not normally any hospital charges. However, the hospital will charge for the use of certain facilities, such as laser treatment and minor procedures in the outpatient clinic. They will also, of course, charge for use of the operating theatres and inpatient stays. The hospital will take a credit card swipe when you check in to cover any of its own charges (not my fees), but you will normally be advised before any payment is taken.


The cost for surgery is made up of the surgeons's fee and hospital charges. Minor procedures (such as removal of lid lumps in adults) are normally carried out under local anaesthetic. For paediatric surgery under general anaesthetic the anaesthetist's fee will usually be around £300.

It is not practical to show costs for the many different types of surgical procedure here, but please ask. You will be advised of the costs before any procedure.

Invoices and payment

I will bill for my fees after your appointment or treatment. Payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer or credit card.

If you are insured

I am a recognized provider for most UK health insurance companies. If you are using health insurance, most companies will require you to obtain authorisation from them in advance, and a letter of referral to me from your GP or optometrist.

Fee shortfalls

My consultation fees are generally in line with those accepted by the major insurance companies. However, you should be aware that, in recent years, insurers have been reducing the amount they will pay for treatment and not all will now meet fees for surgical procedures, and even some consultations, in full.

You should check with your insurer whether a payment shortfall is likely and I will also try to ensure that you are made aware of this if I think it is possible. If it seems that your insurer will not meet my charges in full, I will try to arrange for you to see a different ophthalmologist if you would prefer. Either way, you can rest assured that my clinical management of your case will not be influenced in any way by financial or insurance arrangements, and that I will always do my best to provide all my patients with appropriate, safe and ethical care.